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Posted: 7 April 2010 in UMUM

Al-Habib As-Sayyid Abd Qadir Bin Ahmad As-Saqqaf

Born in Jamadil Akhir 1331H, raised by pious parents and in solehah atmosphere. His father was Sayyid Ahmad Bin Abd Al-Rahman, while his mother A’lawiyah Syarifah Binti Al-Habib Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Jufri.


Habib Abdul Qadir open his eyes to be a Man of piety and righteousness when he often see his father performed prayers, fasting, always busy himself with knowledge and knowledgeable activities and his mother often read wirid in day and night. This atmosphere has make a sculpture of carved faith in his life.

This way is done by the Salaf which make their home a school to educate children with the knowledge that is difficult to be obtained as an adult. May each one of us could create an environment of faith in their homes.


Habib Abdul Qadir gained knowledge at Madrasah Al-Nahdah which means “resurrection”, for this college as its name, teachers of Shaykh-sheikh large and scholars. Learning method is tarbiah, cleansing the soul and knowledge. In this Madrasah Habib Abdul Qadir learned Ulum Hadith, Tafsir, and all knowledge regarding Arabic language, Fiqh, Biography, History, and some of the arithmetic and astronomer as well as otherwise. The college also has a special department to memorize the Koran. Habib Abdul Qadir memorized Al-Quran in a short period. Although the school had the extraordinary privilege but Habib Abdul Qadir’s father never neglect his obligation to ask, and try to follow the lessons learned by Habib Abdul Qadir. Home education is creating a lot of successes.


When political climate in southern Yemen changed, the Socialist interrupted the preacher and the believer, in particular those who has the influence and also the heart of the community. Preachers and the believer living in grave condition at that particular time. Habib Abdul Qadir was required to write his name during morning and afternoon at the police office. He was very patient and at the same time try to get out of the grip of the Socialists, until there is help to bring him to Singapore. He then when to Indonesia. In both countries he deserved the great honor.

From Indonesia, he left to Hijaz and he is starting to live there. Hijaz is not a foreign city for him because he had performed Hajj for 6 times before he was residing in the Hijaz, he left for a long time to preach until he returned and settled in Hijjaz in Ramadan 1394 AH

In Hijaz he received a tremendous response, he would come out every day to teach a variety of knowledge, such as Hadith, Sufism and history. Various discussions and debates in various fields of scientific knowledge is held. He also held knowledgeable program in various place, such as Medina.


He was able to revive sluggish hearts to the love of God, always provides full of beautiful words of wisdom. His argument was never far from the al-Quran and Al-Sunnah and the stories of the nation. He represents the human reality that sore and healing to all plagues and moral shortcomings.

Habib’s love is for all people despite of races and colors, whether he close to him or against him. This can be seen in his lecture where there was various kind of races and colours.


It will take a lot of time to talk about Habib Abd Kadir, just a little summary that can be made here. To learn more about Habib Abdul Qadir, you can ask the people of Hijaz and Yemen, then you will find people with the moral and personal form education of Habib Abdul Qadir. Glory to Allah that award us a good manners when we are with them .

Al-Habib As-Sayyid Abd Qadir Bin Ahmad As-Saqqah met with the Creator before zohor prayer on Sunday 19 Rabiul Akhir of 1432 equal to 4 April 2010. He was prayed at Masjid Haram on the same day after Isyak payer.

-Al-Fatihah- May Allah bless and provides all their benefits to us , amin.

Source: Al-Muttaqin TV.Yayasan Islam Negeri Kedah


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